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in all areas of heavy construction + concrete structures

Clearwater Construction, Inc., and subsequently, Clearwater Western, has provided decades of expertise in all areas of construction including asphalt paving, concrete paving, pile driving, shoring and bridge construction. We are fully equipped to meet the requirements of any commercial and industrial project.


Our design/build and general construction services include:

Road & Bridge
Construction Services

  • New Bridge Construction

  • Bridge Rehabilitation

  • Deep Foundations:  Piling, Micro/Mini Piles, Predrilling, Caissons,
    All types of Shoring and SOE

  • Earthwork & Grading

  • Culverts: Reinforced Concrete and Pipe

  • Storm Sewer, Drainage,
    Underground Utilities

  • Concrete + Asphalt Pavement

  • Concrete Curbs & Gutters

  • Cast in Place Retaining Walls

  • Cofferdam Construction

  • Dewatering

  • Architectural Concrete

  • MSE Retaining Walls

  • Sheet Pile + Cantilevered Walls

  • Steel & Concrete Beam Erection

  • Slipformed Concrete Parapets

  • Erosion Protection

  • Structure Demolition

  • Structure Demolition

  • Drilled Shaft Construction

Bridge Repair Services

  • Deck Rehabilitation

  • Crack Repair & Injection

  • Steel Beam – Flame Straightening

  • Bearing Assembly Repair & Replacement

  • Bridge Jacking

  • Emergency Repairs

Geotechnical Services

  • Micropiles, Mini Piles, Compaction Grout Piles

  • Steel Pipe + H-Piling

  • Bridge Foundations

  • Building Foundations

  • Dock Support

  • Retaining Wall Systems

  • Building Support and Structural Shoring

Support/Retainment of Excavation

  • Permanent Retaining Wall

  • Temporary Excavation Support

  • Building Foundations

  • Bridge Foundations

Heavy Civil Construction Group

From complex multilevel traffic interchanges to single bridges spanning long distances...

Geotechnical Services Group

From complete caisson installation to shoring design, installation and removal, and all sizes of pile driving...

Concrete + Asphalt Paving Group

From asphalt and concrete paving to pavement marking, crack sealing, catch basin installation and seal coating...

Bare Crane

Rental Group

From crawlers to rough terrain cranes, our rental service has the right equipment for all your heavy lifting...

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